Two shows in October 2021

Before we knuckle down into a Winter of finalising the second Slamboree album, we present two shows in October.

Beaverfest Mood Swings.jpg

Beaverfest meets Mood Swings (Saturday 23rd October) in Leeds is an indoor festival event co-organised by Mike Freear.

Mike will be playing a Slamboree DJ set with some outstanding performers joining and our drummer Stirz will be performing a special new live show "Stirz Shaker" with a stellar cast of powerhouse vocalists.

Tickets are available here.

Brixton Slamboree 2021.jpg

Slamboree live at Brixton (Friday 29th October) is going to be the triumphant return of our vocalist Kathika Rabbit, returning to where we left things off in March last year at the very same venue! 


As it's Halloween weekend, we will be pulling out all the stops to bring you a bass-driven spectacle like no other.


Tickets are available here

Big love from the Slam Fam, and we can't wait to reconnect with you all soon, both musically and physically!

Stay tuned for more gigs and festival dates coming in 2022.

Here's some reminders of our previous live dates...

Boomtown Fair.jpg
Boomtown 2.jpg
Beatherder 2019.jpg
Beatherder 2.jpg
Live in Europe 2.jpg
Live in Europe 3.jpg
Live in Europe.jpg
Summer Tour Bus.jpg

This photo from Sunrise Festival 2018 is courtesy of Lisa Zahiri