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Two shows in October 2021

Before we knuckle down to a Winter of finalising the second Slamboree album, we present two shows in October.

Beaverfest Mood Swings.jpg

Beaverfest meets Mood Swings (Saturday 23rd October) in Leeds is an indoor festival event co-organised by Mike Freear.


Mike will be playing a Slamboree DJ set with some outstanding performers joining and our drummer Stirz will be performing a special new live show "Stirz Shaker" with a stellar cast of powerhouse vocalists!

Tickets are available here.

Brixton Slamboree 2021.jpg

Slamboree live at Brixton (Friday 29th October) is going to be the triumphant return of our vocalist Kathika Rabbit, returning to where we left things off last March at the very same venue!

As it's Halloween weekend we will be pulling out all the stops to bring you a bass-driven spectacle like no other.

Tickets are available here.

Big love from the slam fam, and we can't wait to reconnect with you all soon, both musically and physically!


as most of you will know, us fiery lot here at Slamboree love nothing more than creating amazing music, videos and live shows for you to enjoy and revel in.

As with many aspects of life at the moment, the future of our live shows, which keep us financially afloat, is very unclear. But we don’t want to let that get in the way of us blowing your mind balls to bits with the endless possibilities of entertainment we possess.

So it’s good news from us today, and that is that we've created a Patreon which will have exclusive new Slamboree music goodness that you have come to know and love from us.

For those of you who do not know, Patreon is an app and website by which you, as a patron to Slamboree, can pledge as little as cup of coffee per month to see the content we provide. So this is our promise to you: Come and join the Slamfam here and we will keep on creating, raving, singing, and growing as a community.

We are constantly bursting with new ideas that we can't wait to share with you.

Big love, Slamboree x

Debut album Out Now

Slamboree debut album The Long Game

the debut album from Slamboree "The Long Game" is available now on the band's own Slam Inc label.

"The Long Game will take you in its jaws and spit you back out with a new-found sense of unbridled rebellion! This is a feral machine that soothes, caresses, snaps and growls to bring you into the belly of the world of Slamboree and showcases, much like the stage show, the different characters and stories that share their manifesto with a punch of bass."

buy direct from us below, and also available worldwide digitally here

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Slamboree Documentary on YouTube


We are proud to announce our debut documentary 'A Long Game: The Story Of Slamboree' by FareLight Productions in conjunction with BBC Music Introducing is now available  on YouTube. View it by Clicking here.

The documentary uses hundreds of hours of footage collected by the amazing FareLight Productions over the past 7 years from many gigs, multiple countries and backstage antics.


Following the release of our debut album, the documentary follows our story through many incarnations to the present day. Even more excitingly, BBC Music Introducing have joined forces with us to present this documentary to share our story and music with our amazing fans!

Fancy a Slamboree T-shirt or beanie?

We have new ladies and gents T-shirts and 2 types of beanie hats available right now in our Store for £11.99 including free delivery! 

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